Technology in Education, or Technology vs. Education

Citation Teaching at a research university, I see a slew of high-tech gadgets, or even low-tech ones, that we are asked to consider to enhance the educational experience of our students. As a broader theme, some technologies have been put up as disrupting the “traditional” college mode of education dating way back to the turn […]

The Internet of Insecure Things

Citation We are moving into a world of internet connected things. This is the world where your aging grandmother’s medicine cabinet reminds her when her medication has become due, when the irregular heart beat of your father triggers the scheduling of a cardio checkup, and when the home automation device decides that lowering the temperature […]

Where is my Flying Car, or Why we miss Technology Deadlines

Citation The flying car has become a cliche in how a technology promise was not kept. Flying cars were quite a common prop in movies in the 1950’s and 60’s with the implicit promise that they were around the corner. And if you are kind that follows tech news obsessively and have a great memory, […]